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In 2013, There are about 60,000,000  Chinese living overseas, 410,000 overseas Chinese students and 600,000 foreigners living in mainland China. Movements of population cross borders give rise to a host of children, family and social problems that make the intercountry social care service of ISS highly relevant. Over the years, ISS has provided international family conflicts resolution, international child protection, family reunion, pre-migration counseling, intercultural marriage counseling and international adoption services benefiting thousands of children and families for various welfare agencies, immigration authorities, consulates and courts.

The International Child Protection (ICP) Service, which is launched by the International Social Service Hong Kong Branch, aims to assist children and families requiring cross border social work assistance between China and overseas countries. 


a. Target groups 
• Persons living overseas in need of social welfare in China
• Intercountry families with children under 18
• Foreign families living in China (with children under 18)
• Chinese families living overseas (with children under 18)


b. Service Entry
• Direct application to our agency
• Referrals from governments and other organizations
• Referrals from ISS network

c. Service Exit
• Upon completion at agreed plans
• Upon discussions with social workers

d. Service Fee
• Case

   - Counsultation and counselling service are free of charge

   - International family assessment and mediation service will be charged for transportation and accomodation

• Nominal fees for groups, activities and training programmes

• Official receipts will be issued for all fees collected


e. Referral form

International Social Service - Referral form


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